When I brought my Aquaguard I Nova model Water filter, I had some bad experiences Surprisingly I got a detailed user manual in pdf format. Aquaguardº. WORLD SERIES. USER MANUAL. Aquaguard. Aquaguard. WORLD SERIES. GENELUS. ΛοM. WITH PATENTED. AUTO MINERAL MODULATOR. I purchased Aqua guard Gold Nova’ 20 days back. I have gone through the manual and understand that the auto-fill option is there and it can.

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No over flows and etc. Dear Mr Ravi, Thank you aqauguard posting your valuable review on mouthshut. How does the IQA work? Aug 27, Microwave Ovens.

Also let me know how much it will cost and how to fix it once I get it. When that guy told he dont know then I felt lost. What is the mode of payment for the product I purchase on Eureka Forbes? Fit the plug into a 3 – pin powersocket and ensure that the socket iseasily accessible. The mounting screws for the guard on located across the top of the oven. Installation person came and he did the installation part.

User Manual Pta i Documents. The Pre-filter and Carbon filters are easily accessible with the release of a latch.

The corporation water is not purified, but only treated. Is it true that Aquaguard removes the essential minerals in water?

SOLVED: Repair Manual of Aqua Guard Inova water purifier – Fixya

Eureka Forbes Limited, No. Lalmohan Bhattacharjee Road, Kolkata The IQA system is tamper-proof anddefect resistant. When the green light glows youllhear 3 beeps indicating that theunit is ready to deliver clear, safedrinking water. User Manual i 8xx7 Documents. We do the complete chemical and bacterial test at a nominal fee.


Thats the Aquaguard technology advantageworking for you.

How do I pay using a Debit card? Since Philips and Video-con are new in this area I am not interested in them though they are cheap and attractive. So someone told me that the filter might have to be cleaned or changed. Also you get pure water. This is not the actual water flow diagram. Auto Shut Off The highly resistant purifier is now built with an amazing feature of automatically switching off the UV lamp when the purifier is not in use for over 10 minutes.

While you fill your glass you canopt for a pleasant musical tune bypressing Music switch.

Aquaguard I-Nova User Manual

Sediment filter has to clean by reverse flow of water from the second water inlet. That too, only if you boil the water for 20 minutes or more. Go to the checkout page Step 4: First being filtration of suspended particles like dust, rust and mud up to 5 microns. In case of any kind of refund in EMI transaction, interest already billed in a particular transaction aquaguuard not be refunded. This 3D Secure password is not printed anywhere on the card and is known only to you, giving you the added assurance that only you can use your card to make online purchases with us.

Its extremely user-friendly design allows you to clean the filters allby yourself saving you time and effort. Aquaguard i-Nova – The purification process Price includes Delivery Charges and Standard Installation. We have a dedicated service helpline which is active 24X7. Power consumption may vary slightly for different models. UV technology jova water in manuzl stages. What is the mode of payment for the product I purchase on Eureka Forbes?


Its 7 stage purification Add to Wishlist Added to Wishlist. Water supplied by Municipal Corporations sourced from lakes, rivers, etc and does not taste salty. Click on the product of your choice Step 2: After the one year warranty you have the option of entering into a MaintenanceService Contract with us and the request coupon for the same is enclosed.

Tech Specification Physical Specifications. The electrical system is NOT user serviceable. What Aquaguard hides from customers to clean the sediment filter?

Buy Best UV Water Purifiers Online in India: Dr Aquaguard Compact – Eureka Forbes

Yes, we do have a water testing facility of our own in major cities called Aquachek. It is detachable and has drain facility, soany spillage is easily disposable. Someone told me that just putting a sponge in it will ruin the microwave.

In case the unit is not functioning properly, the red LED starts blinking and an alarm buzzer sounds. Bottle holding tray is not friedly as it has some design making bottle not to stand properly.