Harold Cruse () was born in Petersburg, Virginia, the son of a railway porter. After publishing The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual in , Cruse was . Today I’ll take a look at Harold Cruse, a man whose name is synonymous with Black intellectuals in thanks to his book The Crisis of the. Harold Cruse’s book The Crisis of the Ne- gro Intellectual is a remarkable achieve- ment. Historical in approach, it traces the shape of black American cultural.

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Harold Cruse

Would you say something more about the sense in which Cruse can be called a conservative? He encounters figures such as the precocious LeRoi Jones with a mixture of bemusement and bitterness.

The product of a lifetime of struggle and reflection, Cruse’s book is a singular amalgam of cultural history, passionate disputation, and deeply considered analysis of imtellectual relationship between American blacks and American society. Intellectuals and the Theater of the s As Medium and Dialogue. Published inas the early triumphs of the Civil Rights movement yielded to increasing frustration and violence, Intelelctual Crisis of the Negro Intellectual electrified a generation of intellectuak and intellectuals.

The final paragraph of Crisis argues that black Americans need to learn their historic roots in the U. The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual: Cruse’s own political evolution, one that he was unable to document in an objective sense, bears witness to the interaction between militants and moderates, intellectuals and activists, and civil rights and Black Power in a way that Cruse in unable to acknowledge.

So, for him, the influence of West Indian immigrants was a hindrance, and missed the uniqueness of the American crisiw for equality. His analysis stretches from struggles with and within the Communist Party of the ‘s up through the liberalism of the ‘s, with a special focus on culture.

Faculty members at Wisconsin Stevens Point react to plan to cut 13 majors. The book has proven intellectually stimulating for more than three decades. To be clear, these fractures were already forming well before —keep in mind the differences over tactics within the Civil Rights Movement, for example.


Blacm Crisis of the Negro Intellectual is his best-known book.

The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual

Robert Greene II October 13, Cultural Leadership and Cultural Democracy. But haeold was more to it than that. For a book written init is so reveling today!

Inspired by Your Browsing History.

The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual by Harold Cruse | : Books

Cruse also grappled, although at times in a highly idiosyncratic manner, with ideas of black nationalism and integration, self-defense and non-violence, that contoured the civil rights era’s heroic period. Third World solidarity is still rcisis name of the game for so many on the Left.

Petersburg, VirginiaU. By the early s however, Cruse seemed reinvigorated enough to travel to Cuba alongside of Robert Crisiis and Le Roi Jones–two figures criticized in Crisis ; participate in the New York chapter of the Freedom Now Party; write several essays for small left-wing publications; and serve as a writer for the influential nationalist magazine, Liberator. The most recent edition of Crisis comes with an introduction crusd Stanley Crouch, who also wrote the foreword to The Essential Harold Cruse.

University of Minnesota Press,pg. We have found an existing account for the email address.

Reviewing black intellectual life from the Harlem Renaissance through the s, Cruse discusses the legacy and offers memorably acid-edged portraits of figures such as Paul Robeson, Lorraine Hansberry, and James Baldwin, arguing that their work was marked by a failure to understand the specifically American character of racism in the United States. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He was a black nationalist, yet quite pointed in criticizing the influence of Marcus Garvey and other pan-Africanists from the Barold.

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Riich Dee rated it it was amazing Nov 12, I have been thinking a lot about E. By many Black Power militants, most notably Stokely Carmichael, were urging African Americans to identify themselves as “black. Since Cruse distanced himself from his earlier political radicalism, which covers at least two decades of his professional career, his corpus of well known works emphasize the kind of critique of black militancy that conservatives of all stripes find refreshing. After the major victories for the Civil Rights Act of and Voting Rights Act ofquestions arose as to what Black Americans could do next to further cement their place as equal citizens and consumers in America.


Jan 14, Marsha rated it did not like it. Surprising since Cruse was so well traveled and well read and had written incisive essays about the impact, for instance, of Cuba and African decolonization on the fhe movement in America. Politically, he felt the party promised more than it could deliver for African Americans and played favorites, lionizing figures such as Paul Robeson while failing to nurture younger, lesser know types such as himself.

Please check your email and click on the link to verify your email address. To some extent one can say they appropriated those revolutionary project, but as they state in the 4th paragraph of their 13 Point Program, their vision harpld wholly trans-racial.

He was survived by his partner of 36 years, Mara Julius. Robert Greene II October 18, Cruse’ impact on Black Studies was enormous in the late s and early hagold. If we lived in an intelligent country than this book would be required reading for every body. Quotes from The Crisis Of The Something that cannot be forgotten about the book is his constant critique of the West Indian influence on the Black Freedom Struggle in the United States.

March 25, Ann Arbor, MichiganU. Enter your email below, and we’ll send you another email. Paperbackpages. This is especially significant since the activities and achievements of black intellectuals remains contested terrain in a society that devalues and denigrates black intellectual capacity.

But in other ways it seems like an odd match. The idea that he was following Carmichael’s lead annoyed King, since he had come out and subsequently stayed silent against the war as early asbut militants could not help but point out the sequence of crisia.