Riley Diesh 10/6/ Presenting the Unpresentable Lyotard proposes modernity continually requires a “shattering of belief” and “discovery of lack of reality” as. subverts this form at a deeper level in the effort to present this unpresentable, Lyotard’s figuring of the postmodern sublime depicts “good form” as a. “salace,” a . Essentially, in both works Lyotard understands the Kantian sublime as legitimating .. of presentation” which attempt, in bad faith, “to present the unpresentable.

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Every phrase presents a universe, composed of the following four elements or, as Lyotard calls them, instances: Author Information Ashley Woodward Email: For Lyotard language is composed of a multiplicity of phrase regimes which cannot be translated into each other. Many tribal groups claim that land which they traditionally inhabited is now owned and controlled by the descendants of European colonists.

Science and Technology Lyotard develops some reflections on science and technology within the scope of his postmodern philosophy [see The Postmodern Condition]. Is the whole thing too obvious here even to mention? He does not claim that research should be aimed at production of “the truth”; he unpreesentable not try to re-invoke the metanarratives of modernity to legitimate research.

Jean-François Lyotard (1924—1998)

So how do we judge, without criteria? This libidinal energy is the event, which always contains more possibilities for interpretation and exploitation than any single structure can give it.

At the same time, they often deny libidinal intensities themselves, taking themselves to be primary and stable structures. Lyotard uses the metaphors of unpresenable and depth to refer to discourse and figure, respectively. In the Critique of Judgement Kant defines the sublime as “that, the mere ability to think which shows a faculty of the mind surpassing every standard of sense.

Art and Politics London: The phrase event remains indeterminate.



Adami, Arakawa, Buren, ed. The Differend Lyotard develops the philosophy of language that underlies his work on paganism and postmodernism most fully in The Differend: The Subject and the Inhuman Like many other prominent French thinkers of his generation such as Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida and Gilles DeleuzeLyotard develops critiques of the subject and of humanism.

Any situation of a phrase within a concatenation will only be one possible situation of the initial presentation of the phrase, however. If the entire project of science needs a metalegitimation, however and the criteria for scientific knowledge would itself seem to demand that it does then science has no recourse but to narrative knowledge which according to scientific criteria is no knowledge at all.

For Lyotard, this is a question of both knowledge and power. In this sense, paganism can be thought of as a plurality of rules of judgement godsas opposed to belief in just one rule or set of rules God.

But in order to deal with the Sublime in a universal fashion, Kant needed an example of an Event that induced or caused a Sublime reaction. This theme the relation of phenomenology to Marxism was a prime concern for French thinkers of the fifties, and Lyotard’s book is a useful documentation of the issues at stake.

There are many possible ways presentng linking on to a phrase, and no way is the right way. Lyotard develops the philosophy of language that underlies his work on paganism and postmodernism most fully in The Differend: Geoff Bennington and Brian Massumi Minneapolis: If you have found this material useful, please give credit to.

He rejects the idea of a master-discourse later called a metanarrative that is thought to provide the basis for judgement in all situations.

His works can be roughly divided into three categories: First, to be comparatively small. This strip is then set in motion, circulating so fast it glows red unpresentqble heat.


There is a differend in this case because Aboriginal land rights are established by tribal law, and evidence for such rights may not be presentable in the law of the Australian government.

The unpresentable, and various forms of abstraction

For both Wittgenstein and Lyotard, language games are incommensurable, and moves in one language game cannot be translated into moves in another language game. Iain Hamilton Grant London: The situation is a double bind because there are two alternatives – either there were gas chambers or there were not – unprwsentable lead to the same conclusion: Manchester University Press, Every phrase presents a universe, composed of the following four elements or, as Lyotard calls them, instances:.

Knowledge and power are simply two sides of the same question: According to the “narrative” of science, however, only knowledge which is legitimated is legitimate – i.

Lyotard’s image of theory as theatre is based on the etymological relationship between the two terms; they are both derived from the Greek theasthaimeaning to look at, contemplate, or behold. Examples from particular movements in art and individual artists and writers are common in his philosophical works, and in addition he wrote a hhe of books on individual artists, including Georges Guiffrey, Albert Ayme, Gian-franco Baruchello, Jacques Monory, Valerio Adami, Shusaku Arakawa, and Daniel Buren.

Firstly, it refers to the dehumanising effects of science and technology in society. In unprwsentable own way, the Sublime is iconoclastic and opposes graven images.

What he is denying is the possibility of a discourse that will give us adequate criteria for judgement in each and every case.